Thursday, April 11, 2013

SBI NSE Stocks – Lucrative Bets

For some time banks were in the news on threats to their ratings because of bad loans and low quality of assets. SBI, India’s largest bank, is no exception. A gradual recovery is being witnessed at present, and hence, no major threat to their ratings! According to market experts the issue of non-performing loans may continue for few more months affecting the SBI NSE stocks.

SBI NSE is trending at present. According to the last 52 week price statistics, price of the stock was perched lowest at Rs. 1802.30 and highest at Rs. 2551.70.

According to the Chairman of the bank, q4 (January-March) would register better figures compared to q3 because of lower non-performing assets in addition to better recoveries in retail NPAs. A positive gaining is also expected from the bank’s agriculture portfolio.

Going by year-on-year performance, SBI NSE stocks are lucrative bets for the long term. For short term, cautiousness should be the mantra! And that's the same case with BSE Banking Index.

On the BSE Banking Index, ICICI Bank is up 3.4 pct, Yes Bank up 1.3 pct, HDFC Bank rises 0.7 pct, SBI up 0.5 pct

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