Thursday, October 4, 2012

Sensex Hits 19K mark - Thanks to Government Reforms!

Market analysts and investors are all cheers; thanks to the rising sensex and nifty at a hypersonic pace. It is all because of implementation of reforms that has seen the sensex and nifty recovering fast. If such an uptrend pace prevails, in no time will markets regain the highest points ever gained months ago. Hopes of additional fiscal and economic reforms by the government have set the ball rolling.

To add to the upbeat market trend is the rupee hitting the five and half month high. This is again a result of possible announcement by the government of reforms measures. Opening the pension sector to foreign investors and raising cap on foreign direct investment in insurance firms are the boosting factors. These bills are all set to be approved by the Cabinet. And once they are approved, further rise of the rupee, sensex, and the nifty is expected. Hope to see some more reforms introduced in the near future by the government to revive the falling economy of India Inc.

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