Saturday, February 23, 2013

Control on Expenditure for Positive Economic Growth!

P. Chidambaram was well aware of Union Budget 2012 being not up to expectations. With elections round the corner and with the country exhibiting decelerating economic growth, the finance minister is expected this time to present a positive Union Budget 2013 with special emphasis on growth.

Yes, Union Budget 2013 can fuel the economy; P. Chidambaram should give the big push now. Special emphasis should be laid on trimming expenditure. With GDP growth going lower than 5.3 percent and with the urgent need to implement measures to control fiscal deficit, restraint on expenditure is a must. Because if expenditure, which is at 14 percent at present, is not trimmed, taxation will see a rise! And changing income tax rates will not only dampen foreign investor confidence but also affect the industry and common man alike. Though GST can boost revenues, its implementation is unfeasible for roughly another two years.

What the finance minister can do is taxing conspicuous consumption, reduce spending on subsidies, and follow more measures.

The above post is based on expert opinion by D H Pai Panandiker, President, RPG Foundation.
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