Wednesday, November 21, 2012

Cairn India and Cipla on NSE

As the day advances, stock market results change too either in the positive or negative. The early morning trade saw both the sensex and nifty exhibiting a lackluster trend and by pre-noon caught the uptrend momentum. At 11.37 a.m., the sensex was up 86.67 points at 18,415.99 while the nifty was up 23.50 points at 5595.05. Cause of the uptrend is a blend of firming Asian markets and gains in stocks of IT, oil and gas, and metal sectors.

Though oil stocks gained on an average, Cairn India NSE could not catch the momentum. The company’s shares went down by 1.07 per cent at 11.41 am, i.e down Rs. 3.55 to be perched at Rs. 328.10. The previous close price of Cairn India NSE stocks was Rs. 331.65 and it opened at Rs. 332. A difference of 0.10 paise was noticed in the bid and offer price at Rs. 328.00 for 100 and 328.10 for 18 respectively.

The pharmaceutical sector showed mixed results with Cipla on NSE perched at Rs. 386.50 at 12:10 pm, up Rs. 6.65 or +1.75 percent. Volume of shares traded was 1,159,957. While the previous close was Rs. 379.85, it opened at Rs. 380. The difference between bid and offer price of Cipla NSE shares was 0.15 paise.

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