Wednesday, January 9, 2013

Expectations on Tata Motors NSE and TCS stocks

It is good news, to say, the best news for investors of Tata Motors NSE stocks. Yes, the stocks saw a 4.2 percent rise on Wednesday after rising over 5 percent during trade. Thanks to rating upgradation of Tata Motors NSE stocks from ‘underperform’ to ‘outperform’, by Credit Suisse and CLSA, raising hope amongst investors. The company’s sales of the Range Rover series are projected to bump up, especially in countries like China.

As a whole, the Tata Group is estimated to exhibit good growth in the future. Hence, it is no surprise to find investors being equally interested in Tata Consultancy Services NSE stocks. Compared to the same group company’s auto stocks, the IT stocks are far behind when it comes to performance. But they are trending. Like the performance of all other companies, Tata Consultancy Services NSE stocks are also influenced by volatility. Cautious investment is the mantra here!

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