Friday, August 17, 2012

After-effects of CAG reports!

CAG reports are creating headlines and it would no wonder affect India’s already volatile stock market. The reports reveal losses amounting to billions of dollars being incurred. The government was accused for the losses.

These reports were on three sectors, viz. coal, power, and aviation. Coal blocks, Delhi's flagship airport, and power projects were allocated at a fraction of market prices, which cost the exchequer tens of billions of dollars in lost proceeds. Developers got the airport land at a tenth of its market value, thus gaining an undue profit of $4.3 billion. Had the allocation happened wisely, results would have been otherwise in the CAG report.

It is now the PM’s turn to receive a blow of negative criticism and the opposition is already seeking answer from the PM, even demanding his resignation, as he was linked to the coal allocation in favor of private companies. It is to wait and watch the effect of the CAG reports! But the effect on the India stock market was evident with the falling share price of those named by the CAG!

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